About Genii

   Pronounced (G-Nye)

Genii, LLC is a multimedia company created to inspire and provide innovation to those all around the world through various platforms including, but not limited to: mass media and entertainment, social projects, events, and apparel.  All proceeds go to continuing to create products and services to spread our message that we all have genius in us, we just have to figure out at what.

Genii was founded in August 2015 by Richard Gore and Jelani Fearon, in Hackensack, New Jersey. It was created by the yearning of its founders to protect and cultivate their dreams and aspirations they felt were being challenged by the doubts of others. The founders of Genii realized that a large amount of people were compromising their happiness and dreams for the validation of society and money. In an attempt to fix this, its founders created Genii as a medium to inspire people of all backgrounds to believe in themselves and pursue their ambitions.

We believe Genii’s success lies in its ability to effectively reach individuals of various ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles by delivering its message of embracing creativity, unity, originality, and individuality in one’s self. Our goal is to see more people living without regrets and achieving happiness.